Anti-case of food delivery in QUARANTINE

No need to save

or why it is important to listen the opinion of experts and their advice...
Pizza and sushi delivery in the city
Comprehensive promotion of food delivery in Ukraine
About company
Quite a large company engaged exclusively in the delivery of ready meals in Kharkov and nearby settlements. Owing to its "age" the company has a fairly large baggage of regular customers.
What was BEFORE
In the process of long-term cooperation on the site, constant work was carried out, which contributed to the growth of traffic, as a result - increasing the number of orders and improving positions, including expanding the semantic core of the site several times.

The site showed positive dynamics with characteristic surges and subsidences on holidays and after the holiday periods.
What happened
Shortly before the quarantine was announced, the company's management decided to save money, refuse services, and take everything into their own hands.

On our part, numerous attempts have been made to explain the consequences of such a decision and the facts presented in the form of numbers and positive speakers, but ...
While others were earning...
We watched with great sadness as what was being built for months was rapidly rolling back in terms of progress.

The management of this delivery decided to redistribute budgets and change the payment of 3 specialists (SEO, PPC, SMM) to mailing Viber on the existing database for all years of the company's existence.

As a result, in quarantine, when everyone who has already been set up delivery, felt more than comfortable. We can analyze the decline in conversions on the site on average:
- 100 orders per month from SEO,
- 250 orders per month from PPC,
decline in activity in social networks
and the amount of feedback 3 times.

The mailing Viber brought 75 orders in 6 full weeks.

It would seem that everything is on the surface and "stingy pays twice", but we always treat with great respect and love for our customers. That is why we once again intervened in the "workflow" and showed all the numbers, trying to explain that thoughtless mailing on the base, without pre-heating and at a time when all competitors have placed maximum emphasis on all marketing that could only be done - turned out to be just a waste of money and should stop doing it.

Also, we sincerely hope that when your wiring sparkles, you call a specialist, and do not try to fix everything yourself, without having the proper knowledge and experience. We would to end this anti-case on a positive note - "they worked long and happily", but it did not happen.

The company continued to engage in independent "promotion" ...

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Anti-case quarantine food delivery

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