Optimization and promotion of the online service to find the necessary specialists
Qualitative optimization

+ 50% Inquiries in the TOP10 in 2 months

> 300 The sections have been optimized manually

They overtook TV series and songs with a similar name in the TOP

SEO promotion of online service
The best service for finding specialists
About the company

This is a free online service for finding the necessary professionals! Save your time, effort and resources by solving any problem.

About the company

As quickly as possible to bring to the TOP delusional requests in the new site, along the way overtaking sites with series / songs / clips with a consonant name


The site has a very detailed division into services. Put the structure in order, as is often the case, the site was created more for beautiful design than for promotion. Therefore, the programmer had to make adjustments on the fly - creating landing pages where they were not.

Quality optimization solves <strong>! </strong>
Quality optimization solves !

Our approach was to elaborate on each group of services and compile high-quality metadata for them. We had 2 ways: to make automatically generated metadata for each section or to make high-quality metadata that will be processed by our specialist and added manually to the site. Despite the rush, we took a more difficult path, as we were confident in the result.

What's the result?

  • The technical part has been revised;
  • Optimized site structure;
  • Engaged in local SEO, which doubled the number of conversions and conversions;
  • Over 50% of requests in the TOP 10;
  • All necessary variations of brand inquiries in TOP3.

We always try to meet the client and his requests. The client was informed that for the new site the term of raising in TOP can strongly differ. But we did our best to get a quality result in a very short time.

We do not want to deal with morals, but only seek to convey a simple idea:
"It is very important not only to work with professionals, but also to trust the work of professionals.

The best service for finding specialists
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