Case SEO website promotion in Quarantine

Do not fall, but grow

+ 65% New users from organic
+ 51% Completed conversions
Implements for confectioner
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About company
Since 2014, the Chef Conditer online store has been selling goods for confectioners. It is closely cooperates with some of the largest confectioneries in Kharkov and Ukraine.
Minimize losses during a crisis without a significant budget increase.
The key to success was preliminary preparation, as our specialists have been working with this project for a long time.
Do while others wait ...
Most companies, since the announcement of quarantine and the first drawdowns in sales, have hurried to quickly remove all the specialists whose work did not give an instant result to remove "until better times".

While the competitors went into hibernation, we took advantage of the situation and, on the contrary, made more efforts to increase our positions and increase organic traffic to the site.

- The technical part was finalized;
- Optimized the work of the site, which allowed to increase its download speed;
- The assortment of the site is constantly growing, which means new categories are appearing and they also need individual optimization for key queries;
- Updated the semantic core, which allowed to increase coverage and attract new customers.
But the conclusion is simple: due to the fact that the client fully trusts the specialists and makes excellent contact, the online store remained at its sales and even received a plus in income, while others lost and closed.

We do not want to engage in gloating, but we want to convey a simple thought:
"It is very important not only to cooperate with specialists, but also to entrust the work to professionals."

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SEO quarantine promotion case

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