Single freelancer or agency team?

Single freelancer or agency team?

When choosing a performer who will promote the site, almost everyone faced the following question: who should give preference to? An Agency with a presentable website and an impressive price tag, or a freelancer with more affordable prices, but without a reliable website and portfolio?

Let's consider both options.

What is the price of promotion?

All costs are included in the price. The opinion, that the cost of services of a private specialist (freelancer) is lower, is true. However, at least due to the fact that large SEO agencies, especially those working in large cities, have quite large additional costs:

  • payment for office rental;
  • office equipment and furniture;
  • payment of various types of taxes;
  • provision of premises security and fire safety;
  • salary for employees who are not directly involved in SEO (for example, accountants, lawyers, etc.).

While a freelancer who works from home has much less or almost no expenses that are not related to SEO promotion. A private specialist can afford to voice lower prices at the same salary as a specialist in an SEO Agency. Because it's about expenses that are displayed on the cost of services.

But what about the quality of the service provided?

SEO promotion is a rather painstaking and time-consuming process that requires knowledge and experience in many areas. In the case of a freelancer, only one specialist works on the project, who may not always succeed in all areas. While in an SEO Agency, promotion will be handled by a whole team consisting of different specialists who are professionals in their field. Reliability

The Agency's reputation is important, so it takes a responsible approach to working with each client. You can check how decent an Agency is using the Internet, which is an excellent source of various data. But it is unlikely that you will be able to check the reliability of a freelancer, unless you are advised by friends of an already proven specialist, whose services they themselves used. However, not everyone has such a familiar.

There are cases when a private specialist suddenly disappears with an unfinished order (and sometimes money). It is not difficult for him to disappear from sight, just change the phone number. But it is not easy for the Agency to deal with such things, because it is almost impossible for them to get lost from the field of view. All coordinates can always be found on the Agency's website. Also, the Agency will not refuse to provide services, even if your project will not be particularly profitable for them, again because of the reputation and the signed contract at the beginning of cooperation.

Who should I give preference to?

When answering the question "who should I give preference to", you need to set your priorities. If the price tag of services and close contact with the performer are more important for you, then a freelancer may help you. If peace of mind, reputation and quality - welcome to the Agency.

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Single freelancer or agency team?

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