How to get feedback from the client?

How to get feedback from the client?

Granny is already “oh how many years old” and the experience in digital sphere has a huge. Therefore, we found out from her what she thinks about reviews and online reputation - read below.

Every business was faced with the problem of receiving feedback. It seems that the team is working smoothly, sales are growing steadily, the services / goods are of high quality, there are no complaints, but why are there still so few customers?

More than 86% of consumers, before placing an order for a product / service, seek and read reviews. The availability of information is one of the important factors in making a decision before buying. Also, the assessment of the company, which is based on customer reviews, affects the ranking of the site in the search results. Is there any similar information about you or your business?

Getting a negative review is much easier than a positive one because the dissatisfied customer is happy to share with everyone that did not suit him. A satisfied client in most cases takes a quality product or service for granted, so he is in no hurry to write a detailed review of gratitude. As a result, situations may arise when negative reviews prevail over positive ones on the network, but this does not necessarily mean that your product or service is of poor quality, you just did not care about having good reviews and did not work out the negative.

Where and how to get feedback from the client?

So that a satisfied customer can instantly share the joy of the acquisition, you need to give him this opportunity. You can get feedback in this way:

  1. On the site. Leaving a simple feedback form or the “Reviews” tab, you can quickly and easily get a feedback, instantly react, if something was wrong, mitigate or correct the situation. It is important to remember that the interface should be as simple and convenient as possible so as not to alienate the user. Just do not be afraid of negative reviews. If the company has only good comments, it can make a potential customer suspect something. Even if there is a bad review, an increase in sales can be noticed, since a timely reaction and a solution to the problem will help other users to make sure that the company does not care what they say about it and it is customer-oriented. This affects the building of trusting relationships with potential customers.
  2. On the pages of social networks. People spend several hours a day on social networks and messengers, so it is likely that they may want to leave their feedback there. The plus is that other users who are just planning a purchase can go to the profiles of the authors and make sure that they are not bots. Social networks can be considered not only as an additional source of traffic, but also as a channel of communication with customers. For example, if this is an online store, your manager can do a newsletter for customers with a survey of whether everything was in order. So at the initial stage you can solve the difficulties that have arisen, and not wait until the dissatisfied client goes to write negative reviews on all kinds of sites, which by the way is often found.
  3. On the pages of major services, ratings, etc. Similar reviews sites are aimed at improving customer-business relationships. To find information about the company, users go directly to the network, where, with a greater probability, on the first pages of the issue they will be offered just such large portals with reviews.

Why customers do not write reviews?

Because you did not ask. If you take the initiative in a timely manner and write to the client, then as a sign of gratitude he will gladly write a couple of offers about you or the product. But here it is important to remember that people are very lazy creatures.

They will not write you a review if:

  1. Too much time has passed when the need was satisfied, the euphoria from the received has passed.
  2. They do not see their benefit from helping you, which means you need to come up with some other encouragement, a bonus.
  3. They don’t understand why to write reviews at all and why you stuck to it. They do not see the value in it, so it is important to convey it correctly.


Feedback from the customer. How to achieve it?

When placing an order, customers leave their data. Use them to get feedback. The main thing is to show the importance of recalling each client and not to be intrusive. Can be used:

  • Email.
  • Interview by phone.
  • SMS message + bonus (-10% discount for example).
  • Push notifications. Actual if you have a mobile application. But it is worth considering that users have a negative attitude to notifications, so their use should be appropriate.

When using any method, you do not have to be annoying. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect.

How to handle reviews?

Gather reviews half the battle, you still need to be able to properly handle them. It is believed that you can not respond to positive reviews, focusing only on negative ones. This is a big mistake. By taking a minimum of time to respond to all comments, you will be polite, improve the company's reputation in the eyes of potential customers, show the importance of the opinion of each user.



How to work with the negative?

We have already written about how to properly respond to negative, but we want to highlight a couple of main points:

  1. Do not enter into a dispute or object to the client. This will further set him against the company. When a user writes about a problem, he expects to receive a prompt response and its solution.
  2. Do not delete the review. On your page or site you can see and control what was written, then when you delete a review, an angry user will find another source for expressing his opinion, about which you may not even know that as a result it will affect the overall reputation on the network.
  3. Respond to a review, even if it looks like a fake from a competitor. In this case, you can clarify the details of the order, make sure that the author was really your client, but not say that this is a lie. Potential customers may think that you simply do not want to solve the problem.
  4. If the author does not answer clarifying questions, which often happens when writing reviews with bots or fakes, then you need to show the audience that you tried to solve the problem, but the author did not want to get in touch. This will emphasize the company's desire to help.


  1. To get a good review, you need to interest the client to leave him. Stimulation is an important tool for working with the audience.
  2. Getting any feedback is good. Negative ones help identify problem areas and eliminate them; positive ones have a good effect on the company's image on the network.
  3. Having worked negatively, you can improve the company's reputation.
  4. You need to respond to any reviews or mentions on the network, as this factor is taken into account by users and search engines.

Granny hopes that your business will only grow and grow!)

With love, your GrandMa

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How to get feedback from the client?

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