SEO-promotion online store

SEO-promotion online store

If you want to get targeted traffic at a minimum cost, then you should seriously think about quality SEO. Of course, there is always a choice: to give this case to a specialist and not bother, or to sort it out yourself. But in one case or another, you will need a couple of tips below. Since basic SEO can be done by anyone.

15 SEO tips for promoting an online store

  1. Check whether the file is correct robots.txt to prevent indexing of the administrative panel of an online store that runs on WordPress;
  2. Do regular work to increase the trust of search engines. Sign up for Google My Business, Yandex.Guide. In addition, do not forget about promotion through articles, social networks and popular blogs;
  3. Work out the semantic core of the site. There are several services for selecting search words. Among the free ones are Yandex Wordstat and Google Adwords;
  4. Don't forget about low-frequency keys. This is a source of huge search traffic for the site, which can significantly increase the profit of your business. In addition, the cost of such keys is much lower than all the others. Google search suggestions or other services like;
  5. Use Analytics. Connect Yandex.Yandex. Metrica.Webmaster, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools. This way you can track the progress and dynamics of your project;
  6. Determine the most accurate regional (geographical) attachment of the site. This helps you show the user the sites of local stores that are most convenient for them to use;
  7. Check and increase the site loading speed if necessary. It should not be more than three seconds. No one likes to wait;
  8. Add wish lists that you can share. Perhaps a potential customer will return or one of their friends will want to use your online store;
  9. Pay attention to the site architecture. It should be extremely clear and convenient. The user must spend no more than three clicks to get to the lowest level of the site;
  10. Detailed guide for each product category. Attractive reviews will help the user choose a particular product faster;
  11. Content on sites must be unique. So be sure to make a detailed content plan for a few weeks or months ahead;
  12. A simple way to improve SEO is to create clear (friendly) URLS;
  13. Add the "Buy" or "Add to Cart"buttons to the first screen. Users click on buttons many times more often than they click on links;
  14. Add search filters to your site to simplify the search process.
  15. Be sure to work through each product card according to the rules.

Your task is to take care of user convenience. The site should be so convenient and clear that you don't want to leave it. If you do everything correctly, your efforts will be appreciated. GrandMa Agency wishes your sites rapid growth .

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SEO-promotion online store

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