SEO online store promotion

SEO online store promotion

"If your business is not online, then you are not in business" bill gates. And he was right. Currently, more than 70% of buyers search for information on the Internet before purchasing a product. If you want to be in business, create it or transfer it to the Internet.

Every day, if not every hour, more and more online stores appear in the network, competition and the market is growing. However, just being on the Internet is not enough, the store needs to be somehow" brought to the people", promoted. In the article below, you can find out all possible ways to promote an online store.

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Most popular methods of online store promotion

  • SEO-site promotion
  • Contextual advertising (PPC)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Price aggregators
  • Teasers

SEO promotion

Today, this is considered the most effective method of site promotion in the context of "price-quality". However, this process is not fast and takes several months. SEO promotion consists of a large number of stages, which you can learn more about in the article "what is the work of an SEO specialist", which, combined with a deep knowledge of the principles of work, bring a good return and profit.

Contextual advertising

This method of promotion attracts with its instant result. It is enough to set up and run ads in Google or Yandex, where a fee is paid for each user's visit to your site. However, this type of advertising requires continuous investment, because as long as there is money, there is also advertising. Accordingly, the budget ran out — and advertising ended. This method is most effective when combined with SEO.

Social media marketing (SMM)

At a time when almost everyone has an account in a social network, the scope of online shopping is expanding. Statistics show that more than half of Internet users make purchases in social networks.

Yes, there are fewer clicks from SMM to the site, but this is no less important type of work — creating and maintaining a brand reputation, creating a permanent and loyal audience, and increasing coverage. Targeted advertising provides a quick way to attract customers to your site. Which also gives an instant result.

Price aggregators

Price aggregators are like large online supermarkets that provide information about prices and product ranges of different online stores. You are probably already familiar with such services as,,, However, this method is mostly effective only if the price of your product is lower than that of your competitors, or if you already have a database of positive reviews. This method is also particularly good in the early stages of an online store's existence


Teaser - "teaser"; advertising that intrigued, teased, and thus lured to the site. When developing ads for teaser ads, you should pay attention to these three points: an eye-catching image that should stand out from the competition, a catchy title, and an original creative. And the main thing is not to overdo anything.

However, the most effective promotion is a combination of several methods, for example, SEO-contextual advertising-SMM. This increases the success of the promotion. Especially when you have applied to a good Agency.

What conclusions can we draw?

Knowing how to promote an online store is one thing, but being able to apply a particular method of promotion in time and correctly, analyze each click of a user and the effect of a particular method is quite another matter. Only an experienced and knowledgeable specialist can organize everything correctly and beautifully. And most importantly, the result of promotion of the online store is not limited, it can be constantly improved.

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SEO online store promotion

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