Why the site may not sell?

Why the site may not sell?

One of the questions customers come to us with is: “I ordered a site, they made it for me. But there are no sales. What's wrong?" Typical business situation.

Let's determine what could be the reason.

  • the contractor who made the site is not very competent (to put it mildly), but he did the job cheaply.
  • if you yourself built the site, on your own, you most likely “overdid” so that your site is in a deplorable state and does not work correctly.
  • filling the site a la “the most unique offer ...”, stock images and other unattractive offers.

Your site does not sell - reasons:

  1. Not clear interface. The site should be simple and understandable for your target audience, to reflect your activity as much as possible.
  2. Lack of calls to action. What should a client do? What is the target action to complete? Write, buy, call?
  3. Inconvenient usability. If the site is overloaded with design, banners, pop-ups, or some of the information is available only after registration on the site - a 100% losing option. The client will leave without waiting for the result.
  4. Inconvenient order form. It should be simple, clear and short. And more importantly, being in the right place. Ideal option: on the front page and immediately catch the eye.
  5. Lack of triggers - things that enhance the customer’s motivation to buy something: time limits for stocks, reviews, cases, guarantees.

Perhaps you found out the errors inherent in your site? We will help to fix them!

We will conduct a FREE AUDIT for your site and identify any errors that prevent you from making money on your site. Leave the application, and we will contact you.

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Why the site may not sell?

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