PPC ads setup
Setting up conversion advertising
to attract targeted traffic to your site
PPC ads setup PPC ads setup
Contextual advertising is a type of advertising in search engines in the form of short text ads, as well as graphic banners with product images on partner sites .
Variety of options
Which ad type should you choose?
Contextual advertising is most often used when you need a quick launch of a product, inform about sales, promotions, and new product launches. This includes search and banner advertising, display advertising, and remarketing. Each species solves its own problems. In order to choose the right type of advertising for your business, contact our specialists.
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6 наиболее частых вопросов
Payment every month?
Contextual advertising is an auction, which means bids and settings are constantly changing. If a specialist does not timely monitor and configure advertising, then your expenses will only increase, bringing too or fewer sales
How fast will we start?
The creation and setup of an advertising account usually takes 5-7 days. This period may vary depending on the size of the project or the workload of specialists, about which the client will certainly be notified.
How much it costs?
The price is formed from several factors: the size of the proposed advertising company (number of pages), the complexity of the topic, the number of advertising tools used (search advertising on Google Ads, advertising on the Google Display Network, Google Shopping, video advertising on YouTube, etc.)
When will the first result be?
Calls and applications can be expected, the very next day after the launch of contextual advertising
And from what month will it be cheaper?
The amount of payment does not decrease, since with the arrival of 2, 3 or 6 months, we do not start working less, we are also looking for new growth points for your site and developing it
What will you do in the 1st month?
In order to answer this question, we must get input from you, priority categories, all accesses in particular to Google and / or Yandex services
PPC ads setup
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PPC ad setup

Contextual advertising is one of the effective tools for increasing sales at the expense of network users. It’s important to understand that contextual advertising shows ads to interested users. The advantage of properly configured contextual advertising is its unobtrusiveness and interaction with the target audience, which makes it possible to optimize the return on invested funds. After searching for a request, the potential client sees the results of the issuance, among which there is also a contextual offer, outwardly almost indistinguishable from other offers.

The purpose of setting up advertising is to get a quick and maximum return on the invested advertising budget.

Contextual Advertising Tasks

  1. The Increase in sales
  2. The increase in traffic to the site
  3. Work on brand awareness
  4. Profit maximization
  5. Appearanceand testing of new products on the market

Benefits of PPC Advertising

Before ordering a service, we recommend to discover with its advantages and understand its effectiveness specifically for your business. The main advantages of contextual advertising:

  • Performance in short lines. Advertising can show positive results immediately after properly setting up the campaign and making the advertising budget.
  • Hiting the target audience. The wide functionality of contextual advertising services allows you to customize ads to a specific audience.
  • Unobtrusiveness. Since the results of the search are not particularly different from the usual results, advertising is often perceived as the desired request / product.
  • Flexibility settings. Advertising campaigns can be retuned to get the best possible result.
  • Affordable cost. PPC configuration can be done depending on the wishes and capabilities of the client.

Stages of the PPC configuration

  1. Acquaintance and immersion in the subject of the site. Analysis of goods and services, compiling a semantic core (or expanding an existing one) to determine the range of requests for which advertising will be configured. It takes into account the interests of users, region, needs.
  2. Connecting and tuning analytics in order to constantly monitor the effectiveness of campaigns, for timely adjustment and adaptation to the requirements of the audience.
  3. Correction of conversion requests in order to get more requests at a lower cost.
  4. Competitor analysis to create more winning advertisements.
  5. Calculation of preliminary budgets, making forecasts of audience coverage.
  6. Analysis of the work done, reporting, making adjustments as necessary.

Misconceptions and myths about setting up contextual advertising

Like any advancement in the network, PPC has a number of myths that need to be immediately dispelled. Here is some of them.

Myth 1: PPC will help you get into the TOP.

It is important to understand the differences between promotion methods in organic SERPs and methods for increasing website conversion. Search engines distinguish between paid traffic and organic, so the number of clicks on an ad does not affect the positioning of a resource on the network (this is a SEO task).

Myth 2: The context can be customized independently.

Only an experienced specialist knows all the details of setting up advertising campaigns and will be able to make adjustments at the right time. If a client is ready to spend 60% of the monthly budget on self-tuning of contextual advertising, then we will not interfere. For effective Internet marketing, we still recommend contacting professionals.

Myth 3: Advertising is not needed for sites that are already TOP-10 (or if there is PPC, then why SEO?)

Absolutely any site can cease to occupy a leading position and lose recognition if it is not involved. In our practice, it was found that the most effective result is shown by those sites where a range of Internet marketing services is used. SEO + PPC promotion is a working scheme for attracting targeted traffic, reaching the TOP and increasing sales. The more channels and tools involved, the sooner the goals will be achieved.


What are the PPC guarantees?

Any advertising is a risk. The end result depends on many factors. Even the highest quality advertisement cannot guarantee 100 applications per day, month. No experienced specialist will give a guarantee on sales. PPC specialists can guarantee that the ad will be shown to the target audience, they will make the transition to the site and possibly order a service / product. They also vouch for the quality of campaign settings, the selection of a certain number of keywords, impressions in a special placement (this indicator directly depends on the allocated budget and bids). Based on the results of monthly reporting, it will be possible to track the effectiveness of PPC advertising and supplement them with recommendations for the next month.


The cost of setting up contextual advertising Kharkov

The cost of PPC cannot be small, especially if your niche has many competitors. The system of displaying advertisements works on the principle of an auction (paid more - received more clicks). Theoretically, you can analyze the costs of competitors and pay more. But our PPC specialists believe that it will be much more effective to work on improving the quality of content on the site so that users are interested in visiting it, and advertising will encourage them to do this. Thus, working with the output statistics, you can achieve a reduction in the cost of a click while increasing sales.

Grandma.agency specialists have 7 years of experience in setting up contextual advertising and will be able to choose an effective strategy for promoting your business based on estimated budgets. It is recommended to combine contextual advertising with other tools (for example, with advertising on social networks), which will make it possible to get a comprehensive strategy for attracting customers, while reducing the cost of lead. Leave your details and our manager will contact you.