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SMM promotion
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SMM promotion is an effective way to attract users to the site thanks to social networks, blogs, forums, communities. SMM advertising refers to non-standard methods of promotion. Social Media Marketing is the most promising promotion method.
Facebook is probably the only social. a network where you can meet 15 types of targeted advertising. You can set up advertising here for almost any business. You can run ads to achieve specific goals. The most common are "conversions" (sales on a third-party site with a transition from the social network), "reach" (dissemination of information) and "leads" (contacts of potential customers), etc. You can find out about this and other types of advertising from our specialists.
Attract, but not frighten

What type of advertising to choose?

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6 most frequently asked questions

Pay every month?
Social networks are a constantly evolving mechanism and in order to be in demand and "on horseback" you need to regularly promote your accounts. Because while you are resting, your competitors take your subscribers.
How fast will we start?
Creating and setting up an account usually requires 5-7 days, this period may vary by project size. During this period, discussion and preparation of a promotion strategy takes place. Selection of creatives and preparation of a content plan.
How much it costs?
The price is formed from several factors: the complexity of the topic, the presence or absence of high-quality photos of your product, the state of the account (new or already with a story), the estimated amount of content, etc.
Are you sure my clients are there?
Today, social networks are a separate world in which every 4th "lives", over the years of practice, we have accumulated a sufficient knowledge base to find your customers and tune in to the same audience.
And from what month will it be cheaper?
The amount of payment does not decrease, since with the arrival of 2, 3 or 6 months, we do not start working less, we are also looking for new growth points for your site and developing it
What will you do in the 1st month?
In order to answer this question, we must get input from you, priority categories, all accesses to all accounts in social networks and advertising panels.

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SMM promotion

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SMM social media promotion

The work of our SMM team is aimed at increasing the number of applications from social networks and, as a result, increasing sales.

What gives promotion on social networks?

  • Attraction of additional traffic channels.
  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • New means of communication with the audience.
  • Improvement of the provided content.
  • Building a brand reputation based on expert opinion and useful content.

SMM goal

The main goal of SMM (Social Media Marketing) promotion is to strengthen the brand’s position on new platforms, increase brand interest, generate leads, and be able to communicate directly with potential and existing customers.

Tasks solved with the help of SMM promotion

  1. PR of your brand / company
  2. Promotion on social networks
  3. A way to notify about new products, future events
  4. Set up ads to audience reach
  5. Lead generation
  6. Increase website traffic
  7. Additional analytics
  8. Creating partnerships

The benefits of social media promotion

If the company aims to increase targeted traffic to the site, then it makes sense to start marketing on social networks. This will have a positive impact on brands, products and services.

Pros of SMM:

  1. The presence of a brand or company on various platforms allows you to reach more users.
  2. Advertising on social networks can be native, which will allow building trusting relationships with users
  3. The ability to attract target audience from other regions and promote in other cities and countries
  4. The ability to collect statistics, reactions and feedback on new information and products, adjust the future promotion strategy
  5. Ability to customize ads with a limited budget. Targeting can be connected to all platforms, and according to the results of advertising campaigns to evaluate the effectiveness of work.

Stages of promotion on social networks

If the company decided to go into social networks, then an experienced SMM specialist who knows how to draw up a promotion strategy cannot do.

  • Acquaintance with the brand, company, discussion of strengths and weaknesses, determining the market place, USP (unique selling proposition).
  • Definition of goals. Depending on the desired result, the goal will be determined. This may be the client’s desire to get more clicks to the site, to build trust between the brand and the customers, or to sell more goods. Having determined the goal, it will be easier to choose methods for achieving it.
  • Conducting analysis of competitors. This makes it possible to assess the scope of the planned work, find out the performance of competitors' social networks and adapt them to their advertising layouts.
  • Analysis of the target audience, popular communication channels. Identification of promotion channels for a brand.
  • Work on creating high-quality, interesting and trendy content that is easy to read and quickly remembered.
  • Discussion of possible advertising with opinion leaders or in thematic communities (if any).
  • Work on the creation of promotions, discounts and contests.
  • Reporting, analysis of the output data and making adjustments to the promotion strategy.

Any strategy at the initial stages requires changes and adjustments, only testing and data analysis will allow you to build a clear plan for working with the target audience. But social networks are dynamic, so regular review of the strategy is an indispensable attribute of a good specialist. This shows the level of his responsibility and interest in the project.

Myths about SMM

The profession of SMM specialists has become quite popular, but not all specialists are really professionals in this marketing industry. In our practice, there have been cases when, before cooperation with us, unscrupulous “specialists” performed their work poorly, as a result of which the client lost confidence in promoting on social networks. Our task is to help business. Therefore, we propose in advance to identify myths about SMM and what you should not expect from SMM promotion:

  1. Instant increase in profit from sales. Customers want to have an idea of the brand, so it takes time to earn their loyalty.
  2. Active growth of subscribers and likes on publications in a fresh account. This can be achieved using third-party services that social network algorithms do not welcome, which means you can immediately get into the ban. If you, like us, value the reputation of the company, we do not recommend using such means of buying or attracting bots instead of the target audience.
  3. Daily posting is a must. It is recommended that emphasis be placed on quality, not quantity. An overabundance of information or goods can lead to the fact that the potential client will get tired of this and he will unsubscribe.
  4. You can not pay attention to negative reviews. Social networks have long ceased to be just messengers, they allow you to see the reaction of customers to the product and make a conclusion. Ignoring negative reviews can lead to poor publicity, but a timely response will smooth out the corners and possibly return the lost customer confidence.
  5. You can independently maintain an account. Everyone can create an account, but only a specialist knows how to fill it with interesting content, how to set up advertising and how to work with the output.


What warranties are available? No one specialist will promise exact numbers because algorithms change periodically and what worked yesterday will not be useful today. The selection of a specialist must be thorough and the only thing that can be guaranteed is the quality performance of the work and the increase in activity on the page.

Cost of SMM services Kharkov

Based on their possible budget, a price is formed. But you need to understand that SMM promotion can not be cheap. This is a time-consuming creative process that requires the ability to analyze data.

Social media marketing promotion works. If you are still in doubt, contact Grandma.Agency and we will convince you.

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