Case SEO site promotion in QUARANTINE

+ 65% New users from organics

+ 51% Completed conversions

SEO продвижение
SEO case promotion in quarantine
About the company

Online store Chef Confectioner since 2014 sells goods for confectioners. Works closely with one of the largest confectioneries in Kharkiv and Ukraine.

About the company

Minimize losses during the crisis without a significant increase in the budget


The key to success was preliminary training, as our specialists have been working with this project for a long time.

Keep others waiting <strong> ... </strong>
Keep others waiting ...

Most companies, since the announcement of the quarantine and the first sales drawdowns, havetened to remove "until better times" all the professionals whose work did not give immediate results.

While competitors went to sleep, we took advantage of the situation and, on the contrary, made more efforts to raise the position and increase organic traffic to the site.

  • The technical part has been revised;
  • Optimized site performance to increase download speed;
  • The range of the site is constantly growing, which means that new categories appear and they also need individual optimization for key queries;
  • Updated the semantic core to increase reach and attract new customers.

And the conclusion is simple: due to the fact that the customer fully trusts the experts and is in great contact, the online store remained with its sales and even received a profit surplus, while others lost and closed.

We do not want to engage in abuse, but we want to convey a simple idea: "It is very important not only to work with professionals, but also to entrust the work to professionals."

SEO case promotion in quarantine
Promote the site today, do not give a chance to competitors