Why use a Facebook Pixel

If for you the task is to use the capabilities of Facebook when setting up targeted advertising as much as possible, then you need to use Facebook Pixel. This tool will optimize advertising campaigns

Why the site may not sell?

One of the questions customers come to us with is: “I ordered a site, they made it for me. But there are no sales. What's wrong?" Pretty typical business situation. Let's determine what could be the reason.

Refuse SEO services in a crisis?

Saving on promotion, you risk being lost among competitors, even if your site has occupied TOP positions. SEO works in the long

Why users do not like advertising

The main goal of any advertising is to attract the attention of potential customers. There are always people who are annoyed by advertising

Do I need a site audit?

Site audit is an analysis of a resource for errors, determining its functionality and correct operation, checking the usability of the site and the quality of the content used.

How will a comment kill your business?

Negative reaction is an important component of a company's reputation. According to statistics, most users

What will happen if i stop doing seo?

SEO promotion is one of the tools of internet marketing. In addition to it, you can use other,

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