Google Ads or targeted ads?

We have briefly reviewed both types of advertising. But which one is more effective? Marketers recommend

Promotion of the online store of turnkey plumbing

The probability that the buyer will find you among a large flow of information is extremely small. However, we can push it to you by promoting your online store.

What is the job of SEO specialist?

Among clients of seo services, there is an opinion that the work of an seo specialist consists of the following ratio: 10% of work with the client, 25% of internal site optimization and 65% of external. But...

SEO online store promotion

"If your business is not online, then you are not in business" bill gates. And he was right. Currently, more than 70% of buyers search for information on the Internet before purchasing a product.

Website promotion on the site builder

Creating a site on the constructor takes a minimum of time, does not require special skills and huge expenses. However, in addition to the pros, there are also disadvantages

SEO-promotion online store

If you want to get targeted traffic at a minimum cost, then you should seriously think about quality SEO.

Single freelancer or agency team?

Almost everyone faced the following question: who should give preference to? An Agency with a presentable website or a freelancer with more affordable...

How to get feedback from the client?

More than 86% of consumers, before placing an order for a product / service, seek and read reviews. The availability of information is one of the important factors in making a decision before buying.

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