Google Ads or targeted ads?

Google Ads or targeted ads?

Contextual ADS in Kharkiv are ads that are displayed to the user in accordance with their search queries. For example, a user searches for an online English language school in Google. Contextual advertising is immediately pulled up and displays various ads related to learning English: courses, schools, webinars, applications. In other words, the ad is not displayed to everyone, but only to those who may be interested in it.

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Advantages of contextual advertising:

  • Quick start and quick results;
  • Interact with your target audience;
  • You only pay for clicks on your ad;
  • Lots of tools to track the effectiveness of advertising;
  • A fairly large audience.


  • It is very difficult to set up ads independently and correctly, you can easily merge your budget;
  • No money — no ads;
  • It is possible to highly competitive;
  • Quite expensive;
  • Not suitable for all products and services.

Therefore, it is worth analyzing all the advantages and risks, whether this type of advertising is profitable for your niche.

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A targeted AD or target is an ad that is displayed to a user based on their publicly available information. In the days of social media, this is a godsend for business. Because when registering, users enter their own gender, age, and interests. Facebook instagram provide a lot of tools for setting up targeted ads.

In English, a target is a goal, so the ad is also aimed at the target audience. It seems to be the same as with contextual advertising, but what is the difference? The main difference is in the platforms. Contextual advertising works in Google or Yandex, targeted — social networks.

Advantages of targeted advertising:

  • Accurate hit in the CA;
  • Ability to add photos or videos to your ad;
  • Lots of different settings;
  • Quick result;
  • Just set it up.


  • You can easily merge your budget;
  • Different requirements in different social networks;
  • Ads must be updated frequently.

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Which advertising is more effective and which one to choose? We have briefly reviewed both types of advertising. But which one is more effective?

Marketers recommend testing both options and understanding which one is most effective for your product. However, if you want to promote a blog, event, or new product, it's better to choose targeted advertising. If your product has been on the market for a long time, or it belongs to an expensive or complex service — contextual advertising. At least, because the "context" is aimed at those customers who are already ready to buy a particular product, while the target only introduces the product.

All this is General information and you can't say for sure which is better. However, it is worth remembering that even if you choose the right type of advertising for yourself if you set it up incorrectly, everything can go down the drain. It is best to entrust this matter to professionals, for example, the team of GrandMa Agency. Our qualified specialists have been setting up PPC advertising for sites with various topics for many years.

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Google Ads or targeted ads?

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