What is the job of SEO specialist?

What is the job of SEO specialist?

Among clients of seo services, there is an opinion that the work of an seo specialist consists of the following ratio: 10% of work with the client, 25% of internal site optimization and 65% of external. The graphic version is shown below.

продвижение сайта магазина

In practice, everything is much more diverse. An experienced seo specialist also performs a lot of different tasks, which are mostly related to Analytics. Below is a graphical model with the types of tasks that the performer faces and the approximate amount of time required to complete them.


продвижение сайта магазина


Let's analyze each item in detail.

1.Analysis of niche

Before you start working, you need to analyze what you are dealing with. What kind of market, what competitors, their successes, failures, positions. Only a clear analysis of the niche will allow you to correctly create a site promotion strategy.

2.The creation of forecasts

Based on the analysis, the client is provided with forecasts of possible results of work — what traffic or order volumes will be, costs and possible risks. Based on the forecasts, the client decides whether they really need it. However, most companies do not take this point into account, because if the answer is negative, they lose both time and the customer.

3.Creating a semantic query core

If the client's decision is positive, the next step is to prepare and compile the semantic core of queries. In simple words: selecting keywords that people will use to find the site. And usually their number varies from tens to several thousand.

4.Filtering and grouping SAS

The next step is filtering and grouping the semantic query core. Of all the keywords, you must select the most effective ones. Then group the requests. Since each group has its own purpose and features that affect the structure of the site. Although there are already enough robotic tools, it still takes a lot of time.

5.Site analysis

At this stage, the specialist must make sure that the site is not problematic: it loads quickly, there are no duplicate pages, the site is correctly encoded, the site complies with the rules of search engines, and so on. Based on the analysis, a technical task (recommendations) is formed and passed to the programmer for further correction.

6.Analysis of statistics/reports

If the site has already existed for some time in the network, you need to analyze the site statistics and its indicators. If your site has already been promoted by other seo specialists, you should analyze their reports.

7.Forming a promotion strategy

At the end of all previous stages, a website promotion strategy is compiled, which is also agreed with the client. This includes setting goals, defining tasks to achieve the goal, and assigning work to roles.

8.Learning new tools

The world does not stand still and every month a lot of new tools are created that facilitate or improve some processes. If the client wants to succeed in their field, they should also be interested in the development of their specialist. Because in this case, both will be in the black.

9.Optimizing the site structure

An important stage that includes optimizing the site structure, indexing and accessibility of important pages and sections in a few clicks, using navigation filters, CNC, and so on. All further work on the site depends on the optimal structure.

seo оптимизация

10.Selecting pages for promotion

Based on the site's LAYOUT and structure, pages are selected that will be displayed for each of the query groups. This stage does not apply to all stores, mainly only to larger online stores and other large resources.

11.The creation and content optimization

You will need to create content for the new pages, and add and optimize the old ones. For each page, you need titles, descriptions, meta tags, text and image optimization, and you need to make sure that the content is visible to search robots. The work should be done in accordance with the existing semantic core of queries. This and the previous stage can also not be automated, so it takes a lot of time.

12.Search for sites for placing links

Not only internal, but also external optimization is important for website promotion. It also includes working to improve the site's position by placing links on other sites. Because without this, it will be quite difficult to promote a project with a competitive theme.

13.Analysis of competitors ' sites

And again favorite (or not?) analytics. The main purpose of analyzing competitor sites is to get information about their strengths and weaknesses and determine their tactics. You can also find new sources of links, ideas, channels for attracting traffic, find out the specifics of products, and so on. This is a very useful process.

14.Posting links

The logical step after creating links and searching for sites to place them. Quite a painstaking job.

15.Monitoring of donors

It would be nice to monitor the sites where you have placed links. To make sure that they are working and of high quality.

16.Monitoring of the site

This is not the end, because it is still necessary to monitor the site so that it does not fall over time, is not subjected to hacking or blocking, respectively, you need to pay for hosting on time, scan the site for errors and duplicates. Well as to constantly monitor the position of the site and trends.

17.Implementing adjustments

After all the stages completed, it is necessary to constantly analyze the results and make the necessary adjustments.

18.Search for new entry points

In cases when the site fully implements its capabilities, or the budget is not enough to fight with competitors, the seo specialist looks for new entry points. This is possible by placing additional material on the site, or using new ways to attract links. New entry points are necessary to reduce the risk of being left without traffic at an important time.

19.The introduction of new ideas

This phase refers to internal optimization of the website. And may consist of repeated completion of some of the above steps.

20.Working with snippets (including the data markup)

In simple words, snippets are a small information block that describes the document found in the search engine results. It is not enough that the site is only in the top, it is also necessary that it has the maximum clickability. This includes the data markup of the site.

seo продвижение

21.Web Analytics

Web Analytics includes tracking and analyzing user behavior on the site, identifying flaws in the structure, navigation, or content of the site in order to improve it.


This stage can be considered from the section "working with the client". It is necessary for the client to understand what work has been done by the specialist, what the results are, and at what stage the site promotion is now.

23.Check website for maps, reference books, authoritative directories

Now you can get traffic not only from organic search results, but also from maps (Yandex.Google maps), image search, news, and other traffic channels. These sources are also worth looking into.

24.Tracking industry news and trends

This stage is similar to the "Learning new tools" stage, but it also requires additional man-hours. Although this is not directly included in the work on the project, it is related to the professional development of the specialist. You will think that this should not be included in the cost of the service, but if the specialist does not have up-to-date information, your site will not be promoted so well.


You can never be sure what will "blow up" (in a good way, of course) your site today. There is no clear instructions as to how it will be good, and how it will be worse. For this purpose, it is necessary to conduct experiments, both internal and external.

26.Answers to client's questions

It is also a mandatory stage of seoshnik's work and requires a lot of time. All of the above in tabular form:

seo продвижение

The third column is whether automation of the process is possible. The last one is the frequency of this type of work.

As you can see, there are many tasks, can one person cope with all this? Not everyone. Therefore, it is better to order website promotion in SEO agencies, where the work is divided between several specialists.

As a result, all of the above results in a completely different employment chart for an SEO specialist.

seo заказать

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What is the job of SEO specialist?

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