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SEO website promotion SEO website promotion
SEO website promotion is a process aimed at attracting traffic from the search engines Google and Yandex , thanks to relevant queries. With complex promotion, contextual advertising PPC and promotion of accounts in social networks SMM are additionally involved.
5 steps to the TOP
What is quality website optimization?
A common misconception is that SEO site optimization is a set of actions that you only need to do once and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, this is not true. SEO website promotion is a constant analysis and optimization of the site based on the data obtained. We have illustrated in the most understandable form the main stages of site optimization, each of the points contains a dozen more similar
SEO specialist
SEO specialist
PPC specialist
PPC specialist
Project Manager
Project Manager
Account manager
Account manager
Front-End developer
Front-End developer
Back-End developer
Back-End developer
Quality assurance
Quality assurance
Promotion of new sites
Promotion of new sites
You have a big idea and a website, but nobody knows about you. Let's fix it! SEO promotion of a young site has a number of its own characteristics and you need to be very careful not to spoil your reputation at the beginning of its journey
SEO audit for site
SEO audit for site
SEO specialist is promoting your site, but nothing changes and no reports are visible? Perhaps Houston has a problem and you fell into the hands of not the most conscientious specialist. The audit will help to reflect the current situation and the progress of work on the site
Promotion of online stores
Promotion of online stores
Creation of online stores is the most popular type of site, but it is important to understand that this type of site has its own technical features in promotion, as well as a number of advantages that our specialists can show
6 наиболее частых вопросов
Payment every month?
SEO promotion as a sport, training, while you practice and adhere to the regime, you go to the result. Pausing for a couple of months, you roll back much further.
Let's just buy the links!
How many sites and businesses just wrapped up at this point. Thoughtless buying links will not lead to anything good, only to block your site in a search engine. Only a complex!
Why is it so expensive?
Unlike contextual advertising, SEO is a rather lengthy process, but in the future SEO is able to work independently, without a specialist. In advertising, you spin while paying, no effects after
When will the first result be?
It all depends on the current state of the site. If in the process of creating a site the basic stages of optimization were performed, then the start will be quick and the result should be expected from 2 months.
And from what month will it be cheaper?
The amount of payment does not decrease, since with the arrival of 2, 3 or 6 months. We do not start working less, we are also looking for new growth points for your site and developing it
What will you do in the 1st month?
In order to answer this question, we must get input from you, priority categories, all accesses in particular to Google and /or Yandex services
SEO website promotion
Start site promotion today, don’t give a chance to competitors

SEO website promotion Kharkov, Kiev

SEO website promotion is the website promotion according to its targeted queries in order to reach the first positions in search results, growth of website traffic and, as a result, increase in sales.

What tasks does SEO solve?

  1. Evaluates and updates the content of the site and its technical parameters.
  2. Carries out a constant analysis of competitors.
  3. Promotes brand awareness.
  4. Increases traffic to the site.
  5. Displays sagging positions in TOP and supports TOP.
  6. Assesses the relevance of the resource to the needs of the target audience.
  7. Promotes increased sales by increasing organic traffic.

SEO optimization is the main tool for searching and selecting quality content on the network requested by users. The service includes a set of works on creating a semantic core, link building, internal and external website optimization, work on updating text and graphic content. In some cases, to improve the quality of the site and speed up its indexing, you may need to change the program code orpage-proofs of the site.

Benefits of SEO Promotion

Each service is created to solve a specific range of tasks. This tool has a long line of service and quality returns. What are the benefits of SEO?

  1. Marketing funnel. Search engine optimization helps to increase recognition, attract potential customers, earn their trust, push to make a purchase / action.
  2. It makes it possible to occupy TOP positions in search results, which allows the target audience to find your offer faster.
  3. Increases confidence in the company. The audience is inclined to believe that the first search results are the most correct and further the search can not continue.
  4. Attracts targeted traffic from search engines. Organic traffic is appreciated by search engines much more than paid, which allows the site to grow and regularly receive a steady stream of visitors.
  5. SEO optimization allows you to save budgets. An alternative to promotion is contextual advertising, but here it is important to understand the difference. SEO also costs money, but it works for the future. If you follow all the recommendations of specialists and optimize the site, then it will gradually grow confidently, at the same time, contextual advertising will stop working as soon as the budget allocated for it is used up.

Stages of website promotion

  • Data collection and analysis. After gaining access, GrandMa.Agency specialists collect project data based on the statistical data of services (Yandex.Metrica and / or Google Analytics - depending on the region of promotion). /
  • Carrying out various kinds of site audits: technical, link, usability, commercial, text. Based on this, the required number of specialists is determined, a promotion strategy is developed, recommendations are made on eliminating errors on the site.
  • Internal optimization - work aimed at meeting the site requirements of search engines. Thus, technical errors are eliminated on the site, the site becomes more convenient and useful for users, which will make it easier to get into the TOP of search systems.
  • Distribution of promoted requests on the site pages.
  • Work on the quality of content. It should be unique, interesting and at the same time contain key queries.
  • Development of a link strategy based on the Outreach method.
  • Reporting and analysis of work performed, analysis of competitors, making adjustments.

SEO myths

But it is important to understand that a business will grow only if there is a tandem of client + SEO specialist. At the same time, constant interaction between the parties, discussion of ideas, implementation of edits and recommendations on the site is necessary.

Main myths in SEO:

  1. Instant result. It may take about half a year for a brand to become recognizable, and interesting for search.
  2. Search engine optimization can solve all the problems on the site. The increase in conversion to the site is the result of the work of all interested parties, including the client himself. Our specialists are interested in your business developing.
  3. To enter the TOP, you can order SEO promotion for one to two months, and then stop working. SEO works for the future, so after a short cooperation you can get a small increase in positions, and then completely lose them. High-quality and effective SEO promotion requires time and money.

SEO guarantees

The most frequently asked question is how quickly can you become TOP-1? No one can give any exact guarantees. Yes, perhaps this will outrage some, because in other companies are given guarantees. We have bad news for such clients - there is a third party in SEO promotion - a search engine that very often changes ranking algorithms, which means that the promotion methods that worked yesterday may not work today. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not succumb to marketing tricks. Our experienced specialists do not throw words to the wind and always give one real guarantee - the promotion will be carried out as efficiently as possible. The main advantage of the GrendMa agency is the limited number of projects that are being worked on. This allows you to distribute the load between employees without reducing their productivity and work well with search systems.

Cost of website promotion Kiev

Pricing occurs on an individual basis. At its core, SEO promotion is an investment in business development. We are always ready to listen to the client, determine the amount of work, take into account the wishes and budget. Leave a request and your details, and we will send a commercial offer.