Creation and development of the site
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Creation and development of the site Creation and development of the site
You can order website development and creation from us. A really high-quality site should meet such parameters as: image, attracting new customers, increasing sales, simplifying order creation.
Make the right choice
Which CMS should you choose?
A CMS system can both simplify the further work with the site and its administration, and vice versa, turn life into pain. Some CMS are simply not designed for online stores and screwing the basket onto such a site becomes a real crutch, which will necessarily "break" and come out sideways after a while. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice at the start. We will be happy to advise you on this issue and select the best option for your business and explain why.
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6 наиболее частых вопросов
My family doesn't like the site
The site should be liked by your potential customers, and not by mom, dad, wife, husband. It is important to understand that how many people have so many opinions. Therefore, we rely on the experience and many years of research of international companies regarding the trends and usability of sites.
How fast will my site be ready?
Website development and creation, a laborious process. Development time, as a rule, depends on the design and complexity of the implementation of additional functionality. We can confidently say that we can launch the site in 3 days, but it also happens that the process takes several months and this is also normal.
How much it costs?
The price is formed from several factors: the complexity of the design, the number and characteristics of additional modules, whether it will be necessary to develop unique modules, etc. In the process of listening to the customer, our manager will offer you the most optimal version of the site, both in terms of money and terms of implementation.
Are you doing website promotion?
Yes, of course, we will gladly take up the promotion of your website and do all the necessary optimization for quick launch and successful promotion
What if I don't like it?
We coordinate with the client each stage of development, from which it follows that this option is minimized. But for such a case, we have in store a couple of compromises.
Should the design be unique?
We are ready to offer you template solutions. This does not mean that you will like everyone else or your friend will find the same site, choosing a template, we will redo it all the same beyond recognition, therefore your site will still be unique.
Creation and development of the site
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Creation and development of the site Kharkov, Kiev

In the modern digital world, it is difficult to imagine a business without a website. In fact, it is a business card, by going to which you can see the face of the company and get acquainted with the goods / services provided. But, before creating a site, it is necessary to determine the goals of its creation and the tasks that it must perform. At the planning and discussion stage, our team also takes into account all the requirements of search engines, the intricacies of future promotion, advertising settings and customer acquisition.

Thus, based on the set goals and objectives, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the developed project.


Determining the goals of creating sites helps to create a future structure and choose a platform for development. The main goals of site development include:

  1. ncrease sales using the site.
  2. Automation of processes in the company.
  3. Getting feedback from customers.
  4. Work on the recognition of the company.
  5. Increasing customer loyalty.

Website development will help to solve these problems:

  • Increase profits by attracting new customers from search engines;
  • Updating information about services and goods, posting and publishing news, vacancies;
  • Operational communication with site visitors, instant response to reviews and comments;
  • Savings on other types of advertising;
  • Help in finding customers, partners, suppliers;
  • Presentation of new goods and services;
  • Tracking the availability of goods.

Benefits of having a website

A site is an integral part for the prosperity of a business, which has a number of advantages and expands opportunities. The advantages of having a site:

  1. Prompt update of information. Without a site, it’s difficult to track the quantity of goods, the number of applications received and payments.
  2. Trust in the eyes of customers. If a potential client is interested in the site and wants to return to get acquainted with the assortment, then without a site it will be more difficult to do.
  3. Attracting a wide audience, expanding the customer base and communication with the audience.
  4. A showcase for demonstrating products and offering services.
  5. You can have a good product, a convenient location of offline points and at the same time lose a lot of customers simply because competitors will have one important advantage - the site. To keep abreast, you need to use all possible channels to attract an audience.
  6. Online advertising is much cheaper than outdoor advertising.
  7. This is an opportunity to enter the national and international market of trade, find partners, distributors or suppliers.

Internet marketing is one of the most used and popular ways to make a profit through the Internet. We offer to understand the steps that will be performed during the planning and creation of the site.

Procedure for creating and developing sites at Grandma.Agency

  1. Analysis of primary information, familiarity with the field of activity, discussion of requirements and wishes.
  2. Drawing up a preliminary structure of the site, preparing a prototype layout, developing site navigation and distributing content across pages.
  3. Drawing interface design, page layouts, including user and service sections.
  4. Professional typesetting of pages, checking them for cross-browser compatibility in order to correctly display on all devices.
  5. The software part, including the creation of the site, setting up its functionality, connecting the necessary services, testing.
  6. Adding thematic content to pages, taking into account the requirements of search engines, adding content to the site.
  7. Next, to fully launch the site, you need to contact a SEO. He is engaged in search engine optimization. The specialist also collects the semantic core, distributes key queries across texts, re-linked pages and adds meta tags.
  8. Promotion in search engines. Website withdrawal in TOP.
  9. Attracting additional sales channels - connecting contextual advertising.
  10. The increase in conversion. Carrying out A / B testing, distribution of triggers, improvement of usability. Regular reporting and adjusting the content of the site, each nuance is discussed in detail, all points are taken into account.

It should be understood that creating a site is not a magic button. A business will develop only if it seeks to improve it and constantly work. Our team is interested in increasing traffic to the site and increasing sales.

Popular myths

Website development is a rather laborious process of transferring an idea into a real working project. To get the maximum result, we recommend that you understand what you should not expect after receiving a finished site.

  1. Creating a site can save an unprofitable business. Website development is not a solution to current problems, it is a profitable investment in the future.
  2. A new site can become a market leader; there are also competitors on the network who also have sites and their own customer base, so it takes time to take a leading position.
  3. You can immediately find customers for sales and partners for the purchase. It will take time for new sites to gain recognition and gain the trust of customers and partners.
  4. Content doesn't matter. For the audience to be interested and buy a product / service, it is necessary to work on the quality of the content (photos, text must be unique). The site needs constant development and support, then you can increase customer loyalty.
  5. After creating the site, you can do it yourself. The new site does not yet have any positions, search engines are also not familiar with it, and indexing will take time. To speed up this process and to ensure that the site takes a leading position, they turn to the services of a SEO manager.

Guarantee from the company and the cost of services

Each client is interested in development time and guarantees. Spent time depend on the topic, wishes, budgets. The cost of services will also be determined on a contractual basis. GrandMa Agency team doesn’t care about the number of projects, but quality, which is why in our practice there have been cases of refusal of a new case simply because we previously started working with another client. Very often, customers come to us on the recommendation of friends. We have experience working with such topics as confectionery, education abroad, GPS technology, food delivery, sports clubs, etc. You can be sure that the created product will be unique and will last for a long time. The cost is negotiated as individually. Give your contacts and you will certainly be contacted.